Exotic Pets - Top 5
By Tonia Jordan

Often people look for a pet that is out of the ordinary.
Sometimes a normal cat or dog just won’t do! Though, it is
always wise to know what you’re getting into. Here, then,
are the top five non-traditional pets:

5. Scorpions

There are many species of this particular creature, and
the strength of their venom varies between species. The
most commonly found pet species, the emperor scorpion,
is not particularly dangerous. Its sting can be compared
with that of a bee or wasp, though like bees, there is a
chance of an allergic reaction.

Scorpions do not require a great amount of care, but are
not an ideal pet. Handling a scorpion is not a good idea –
Besides the risk of its sting, scorpions become very
stressed when handled, a health risk to the creature itself.
Also, the animals can live up to 8 years, making them a
long-term commitment kind of pet.

4. Cockroaches

Hissing Cockroaches – These insects are great for
beginner pet-owners! They are quite docile and require
little maintenance. Though they’re not of the “cute and
cuddly” variety of pet, they are quite interesting. They
hiss when disturbed, and males will hiss while courting a
female. Sometimes, for reasons unknown, the entire
colony will hiss in unison.

Hissing Cockroaches are best kept in a large tank with
wood shavings. Water and fresh fruit and vegetables are
all they require. They are hardy creatures and can live up
to five years.

3. Tarantulas

This fascinating creature has become a more popular pet
in recent years. There still remains some fear in potential
owners, though keeping a tarantula as a pet is often more
harmful to the animal than to the pet owner. Tarantulas
can die even from a short fall, if their abdomen ruptures.

Tarantulas are venomous, but in most species, the toxicity
of their venom is akin to a bee or wasp sting. In some
cases, a person can have an allergic reaction to spider
bites, in much the same way that some react to bee stings.

There are hundreds of species of tarantula, and some
are more aggressive than others, so potential owners
really need to do research before purchasing one.
Tarantulas are fascinating, quiet, and in most cases,
need little space.

2. Ants

Purchasing an ant farm is the easiest and simplest way to
keep and maintain this interesting pet. With an ant farm,
you only need to feed your ants once per week, making
them a very low-maintenance pet. A small crumb of bread
soaked in sugar water is enough to feed your whole
colony for a week!

1. Rats

Rats have a life-span of two to three years and are
considered quite social and intelligent. They are also
easy to tame and are very gentle. Though they are
nocturnal, they tend to adapt to their owner’s schedule.
Due to their social nature, they should also be kept with
other rats.

Rat owners compare their care to that of a dog – they
require a lot of attention and at least an hour of exercise
per day. These curious and playful pets are easy to care
for, but not necessarily low-maintenance.

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