Fun Facts about Hedgehogs
By Patricia Twitchell aka The Teddy Bear Lady of Myrtle Creek

Did you know the hedgehog makes an interesting pet?
Actually, the hedgehog is quite a fascinating little creature that
makes an interesting pet. There are some areas where they
are illegal so before you decide to make this your next pet you
might want to check your local laws.

Originally from Africa, hedgehogs can live up to about 4 years
in the wild and nearly 10 in captivity. Their diet consists of
insects so if you have lots of those little critters around a
hedgehog might be a much appreciated addition to your family.

Their backs are covered with rows and rows of short, prickly
spines and yet their bellies are soft and covered with fur. I can’t
say that I actually want the experience of touching one to find
out how true this is so I will just believe it to be so.

One of the best parts of the hedgehog is their compact size.
They are about 5 – 8 inches in length and weigh practically
nothing. No wonder they weigh so little; with a natural diet which
includes insects, slugs, snails, worms and, occasionally, small
vertebrates and fruit wouldn’t you weigh practically nothing?

In captivity their diet often consists of commercial cat food, hard
boiled eggs, and chopped up fruit and vegetables with
mealworms or crickets as a treat. Again, is it any wonder they
are so light?

Similar to a teenager, they don’t especially crave being
touched and seem to enjoy their independence. Yet,
underneath that prickly exterior and under the right
circumstances some good loving can work wonders for their

Unlike the teenager, they are fairly low maintenance. Although
they can’t see very well, they have really good hearing and an
incredible sense of smell.

If you don’t mind being kept awake at night, then the hedgehog
will be a fun addition to your menagerie of pets. However, don’t
do anything to frighten them because chances are they will
make a very high-pitched hissing sound and spit.

A female hedgehog can go full term on delivery of her “pups” in
34 – 37 days. Wow! Imagine going through your pregnancy
that fast. A standard size litter is 1 – 7 pups. If their pups
disturb them, the mother has been known to leave them or
even eat them. Kids, watch out! Don’t disturb mom!

With all this wonderful information, you may think, “Hmmmm, I
sure think hedgehogs are cute, but don’t want to have all the
insects around for their feeding, listen to them at night or have
them leave their pups.”

Never fear, because you can still enjoy hedgehogs and not
have to worry about feeding or watering them. Many gift shops
carry a great selection of ceramic, clay, stuffed and wood

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Fun Facts about Hedgehogs
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