Moisture For Mealworms
By Devin Price

Like all insects meal worms need a moisture to thrive and
reproduce. There is a ton of info out there on the web on
this subject. In our years of breeding insects we have tried
all the methods of providing moisture. Adding water directly
to the substrate will cause mold and kill your colony. We
have worked out several methods to successfully provide
moisture to our meal worm colonies.

First you can use a simple paper towel folded in half or
quarters, add some water and squeeze out the excess.
Place the paper towel on the top of the substrate. This can
still cause mold. So you need to leave the top off the meal
worm tray. Check the meal worm colony frequently and
make sure there is no mold. Now the best way to provide
moisture is from sliced vegetables. We have been using
potato slices or whole carrots.

The meal worms get their moisture directly from the
vegetables and receive nutritional value as well. In a few
days all you need to do is dig through the substrate and
remove the dried vegetables. In the last few years we have
discovered what we believe is the best moisture source
there is.

The nopal cactus (opunita streptacantha). We slice the
nopal cactus pads into strips and place these on top of the
substrate. When the worms are finished the only thing left
is the thin skin of the cactus. This species of cactus has
few thorns and the few there are can be removed easily
with a knife. We have had absolutely no problems with
mold and have found that the meal worms consume the
cactus before any other moisture source. If you have
access to nopal cactus we strongly recommend trying it as
a moisture source for your meal worms.

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